Professional Audio Headphones

The headphones are military grade and originally used to block out noise on aircraft carriers.  KAI design the electronics to include a metronome with audio Bluetooth.  The development team challenges were sourcing the right Bluetooth technology that would provide high-quality audio and one button control.

Mouthguard Impact Sensor

The mouthguard has been equipped to detect, store and measure an impact.  The development challenges were designing a mouthguard with a cavity to house electronics, water-proofing and to charge wirelessly.  KAI's development team developed the hardware, embedded software, phone app and server software required for over the air upgrade and stats.

Data Tracking Golf Ball

This is a golf ball with sensors for detecting direction, speed, G-force and altitude.  The development challenges was sourcing an established golf ball manufacture to agree to embed the electronics into their golf ball.  KAI's team developed the hardware, software and phone app.

Robotic Helping Hands

This is an industrial design of a robotic machine that can do tasks that a regular person can do with their hands.  The machine is used in the restaurant and manufacturing industry.  KAI's team consulted with the client and came up with a proof of concept design and a working prototype.

Pro Guitar Amplifier

This is a replica of a famous 1950's valve guitar amplifier.  KAI designed the electronics, and custom cabinet.  The development challenges were sourcing parts that are not in production anymore and finding the right transformers, speakers, and materials that would meet the client's requirements.

Customer Sensors for Sports, Medicine and Military

These are the custom sensor that can detect g-force, temperature, direction, speed, altitude, sound and much more.  They can be embedded into wearables and hermetically sealed.  They can withstand high molding temperatures.  KAI develops custom hardware that can be designed into most everyday wearable products.  This PCBs are wireless and can be controlled by Bluetooth and Wifi mobile apps.  They are powered by LiON batteries using the latest battery charging technology. 

Motorized Scooter

This motorized scooter has a top speed of 20 miles per hour.  KAI's team developed the hardware, electronics and prototype.  It also has wireless tracking and a removable battery that can last 6 to 8 hours of normal use.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

This is a fingerprint lock.  It will unlock by placing your finger on a scanner plate.  KAI develops custom biometric solutions tailored to our client's requirements.  These scanners can be used for securing anything that needs protection.

Automatic Filling Machine

This is an industrial machine used to fill and seal cartridges for the tobacco industry.  The machine is capable of filling 10K cartridges a day.  KAI's team sourced the right manufacturing partner, programmed, retrofitted and designed custom tooling that met the customer requirement and exceeded their expectations.

16 Channel Portable Recorder

This 16 channel digital recorder can plug directly into a sound mixing board and record each instrument and vocal on a separate track then mixed with any DAW.  KAI's team developed the hardware, industrial design firmware, PC application, Wi-Fi, and over the air upgrade capabilities.

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Vape and E-cigarettes

Vape and E-cigarettes are now becoming very popular.  KAI's team has developed several version from small compact to full-featured.  KAI has designed vape product that meet the strictest industry and medical requirements.

VR Sound Device

This is a device that connects in-line with any headphone and speaker system.  KAI's team developed the hardware and firmware and tested it with industry experts to meet the client's requirements.